About Us



We are offering futuristic and manageable solutions for the day today requirements with a strategy of standardized products and customised Branding for high volume sales to our clients for more than 12 years. We specialise in Retail solutions, process automation and Innovative solutions for solid waste Management and sewage Treatment Plants and Pure Drinking water for all. We have been focusing on expanding markets for existing products and designs along with developing new products.

3DRS mainly target markets which include residential and commercial applications and community oriented requirements to meet their social commitments. We are already moving along with government actions and regulatory frameworks for speeding up the use of products and solutions throughout the nation.

Our strategy will be to target those regions and states where social security, Process automation and waste management and public sanitation and pure drinking water is not available or addressed to keep up the status and dignity of the citizen and a hygienic sanitation is not made available for the General Public.

We offer solar energy street lights and equipment for residential applications and industrial purpose so that state dependency can be reduced to a great extent. Rooftop solar power solutions to residential and commercial establishments can be provided with minimum capital cost and ROI can be achieved with in the minimum possible period.

We are committed to work towards a clean INDIA MISSSION and our product and service are designed in such a way that Products and service is acceptable to all commercially and technically so that we can achieve our target.

We are working with NGO’s, educational institutions, private firms, government departments, religious places, hospitals and many more institutions to achieve our Goal. Our company’s focus will be mainly on reaching out the organisations, business partners those who are working in this field especially in to social security,solid waste management, public sanitation, material handling and fisheries related business. We offer total solution from GARBAGE BIN, PLASTIC CRATES, PALLETS, PORTABLE -TOILETS, BIO-TOILETS,BOI DIGESTER,SOLAR STREET LIGHTS AND OTHER SOLAR SOLUTIONS with options for Branding of customers choice making them aware of huge benefits they can have while getting associated with us.