Material Handling


Material Handling

Key Features

• Hygienic and clean you avoid dust, wood splinter and moisture pallets.

• Durability and strength Plastic pallets can be used year after year and they are constructed for rough handling.

• Economical the price on one-way plastic pallets are often compared with the price for wooden pallets.

• Multi-way plastic pallets can be used again and again, year after year, which in itself provide an attractive economical saving.


These crates designed and manufactured to be easily cleaned and sanitized. Provides a long term, durable, environmentally sustainable, cost effective handling and distribution solution for fresh and packaged perishable products.

• Field harvest transport system.

• Added height = Less bending.

• Vented side walls Ltd erase cooling.

• Ergonomic handles = Easy lifting.

• Weather-proof bail bars.

• Smooth Interior Surfaces.

• Secure, High stacking capacity.

• Soft rolled edges prevent damage to fruit.

• Recessed vent holes improve drainage.

• Unique design allows safe and effective transport to the winery.