• Easy handling, even with heavy loads.

• Easy grip handle sonall sides Stable and light weight lid.

• User-friendly design.

• Various wheel assembly configurations for different applications.

• Water drain age plugs standard.

• Compatible with identification and weighing systems.

• Suitable for all lifting equipment in accordance with EN840.

• Easy to clean due to smooth and rounded internal corners.

• Rounded lid profile for improve drain water dispersal.

• Reinforced base, front and rear panels for greater stability.

Plastic dust bin/ Garbage Bin / waste bin /garbage container:

A) Corrosion resistant, No absorption, Stackable, Eco-friendly.

B) Sizes available: 1100L/660L/ 360L/240L / 120L / 100L/ 60L/ 50L/ 30L/ 20L/ 18L/12L.

C) Plastic trash bin with wheels--easy to move.

D) Good quality with competitive price.