SWM Management


Treatment for SolidWaste as per Guidelines of Municipal Solid waste Act – 2016.

We avail this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a system integrator and solution Provider for various problematic area of Environment, Power, Water-Waste Water, Agro sector and renewable energy undersocio-economic development theme through basic innovative Engineering Science’s available technology in the worldby which underprivileged or needy social sector get benefitted.

In recent past, we have brought one of the feathers in our cap called “BIOLOGIC” brand of various sub-categorized products as per applications, a revolutionary solution in Organic Waste by a Canadian Scientist.It’s a micro-nutrient supplement containing a proprietary blend of natural biodegradable vitamins and trace minerals specifically engineered to stimulate desirable, naturally occurring bacteria present in Waste Water and Solid Waste. This is in liquid form and inhibits odour producing bacteria; neutralize airborne odours and also dramatically acting as a treatment supporting agent in the process of Organic Solid waste management & Waste water treatments.

Based on the study we have done at various MSW – Dumping yard where handling and treatment is very difficult due to absence of technologies and approach for the Solid waste management in India is not yet developed to understand the disadvantageous on public & environment health. We have come up with solution through our innovative product as explained above to help digest organic waste to make fertilizer and Plastic and other critical wastes through Pyrolysis plant in mixed garbage which will keep free land by 4 times than present conditions as well digest organic waste of 80% to 90% of the quantity& 100% rest of the waste.